Nancy Bunge


"FINDING THE WORDS conveys an understanding of the craft and workmanship of writing."
"Much of what those interviewed say is of a piece with their writing. They offer an articulate, well-developed commentary which springs from the same experience and concerns expressed in their work."


"These are informative interviews because Nancy Bunge knew to ask the right questions....Few texts reveal so vividly as these interviews the layout and feel of a poetry or fiction workshop. Nor will another text make quite so articulate and convincing a case for the importance teaching writing has in our cultural as well as political life."

FINDING THE WORDS was also the subject of an article in THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION and "Noted with Pleasure" by THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW.

Finding the Words: Conversations with Writers who Teach

Swallow/Ohio University Press, 1985

This book collects interviews with seventeen well-known writer-teachers where they explain their teaching processes. The authors include: Allen Ginsberg, Wallace Stegner, Diane Wakoski, Lisel Mueller, Clarence Major, James Alan McPherson and N. Scott Momaday.